We’ve just received these excellent Sketchin Box Sets by Winsor and Newton at only £14.99. Already a best seller online we think they’ll be really popular in the shop.

Whether you want to learn and develop skills such as composition and perspective, or you want to sketch out different ideas before starting a painting, this set provides all the materials you need to develop your drawing and sketching skills.

The wooden box has a carrying handle and handy compartments to organise your art materials. Contains a comprehensive range of sketching materials and accessories.

• Box of sketching pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B)
• 14ml bottle of black ink
• Box of soft pastels (contains 4)
• Size 4 round Cotman brush
• Box of willow charcoal (3 sticks)
• Graphix woodless pencils (2B & 6B)
• A5 110gsm hardback sketchbook
• Tortillons (x2)
• Sand paper block
• Medium kneaded putty rubber
• Metal 2 hole pencil sharpener