Pelikan Plaka Casein Paint – Now In The Shop

pelikanNow available in the shop, an amazing super-opaque super-matt casein based multi-purpose paint suitable for painting, designing, decorating, window displays, transparencies, posters, interior / exterior decorations, crafts, model-making, airbrushing…

It is similar to a smooth, fine gouache paint, but even more opaque and with a velvet-like matt finish and a flat, smooth appearance. The slow spreading of the colour makes the paint very even. Large surfaces will be covered without unwanted brushmarks. The super-opacity provides brilliant colour results even on dark backgrounds.

Plaka works well on nearly all surfaces (i.e. cardboard, card, paper, ceramic, wood, metal, glass and stone), and especially well on non-absorbent surfaces (i.e. plastic, glass, metal). This high performance paint quickly dries to become smudge-proof and is fully dry in 12-24 hours. Available in 50ml bottles (£3.60) and 500ml pots (£13.45).


  1. Linda Winnett

    Thank you this is my first order with you. I am pleased with the service so far. I am looking forward to receiving the PLAKA paints I have ordered.

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  10. Magdalena Pedrycz

    I’m looking for plaka paints.Would be possible to get a list of available colours of plaka paints which you have got in stock? Especially I”m looking for white plaka or something similar , casein based paint ( white colour)
    Kind regards
    Magdalena Pedrycz

  11. Eric Medcalf

    do you stock plaka BLACK 500ml for undercoat?

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