Jackson’s Hackney Sponsoring Fake Nature at Point Zero Gallery

Made in Arts London (MiAL) presents ‘Fake Nature’, an exhibition of work by current students and recent graduates from University of the Arts London, working in installation, moving image, new media and performance.
At MiAL, we believe that it is vital to the artists’ process; to exhibit their work, develop new audiences and create dialogue around the art work beyond the university environment. MiAL is facilitating its artists to do just this through ‘Fake Nature’. MiAL is responding to a high rate of submissions from artists working in new media in providing a platform for these artists and considering existing and new ways to support this type of art.

The exhibiting artists work was selected by an independent panel based on their own merit and not in accordance with a thematic agenda. The selection of works in ‘Fake Nature’ do share considerations, in particular the primacy of the artists’ process, the significance of their chosen material and the site specific negotiations owing to the media.

Marta Barina ‘inward’, 201314, Mixed Media Pinhole Camera, Photograph (unique print) and video


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